June 18, 2013

How- To Still Love American Girl Dolls At An Older Age

Hello Friends,

    Nothing really inspired this post, rather than me doing some simple brainstorming.

    I am 14 years old, and I love American Girl; that may sound normal to members of the large AG Fandom, but to a stranger on the street, it may seem as though something is wrong with me. However, I beg to differ. Here is the sad story of two of my neighbors who grew apart from American Girl because of their friends and because of their age.

So, my two neighbors Sara* and Taylor* used to love American Girl, at some point they had more dolls than I could ever dream of! As they grew older and each became more busy, the two eventually dropped their interest, and their beautiful dolls sit rotting away in their mildew-y basement. Again, remember this is from my point of view, so I have different opinions.
As I mentioned before, those were some beautiful dolls! I don't know all of the dolls' names off the top of my head, but they had a stunning Lindsey doll (Barrette included!!) Jess, Nicki, Mia, Chrissa, Lanie, Kanani, and Mckenna. There were a lot of historicals as well.
They (Sara* and Taylor*) also left the fandom because of their friends. Their friends would tease them about American Girl, which was really a shame, because the girls (friends) were not that nice.

Often I see a lot of girls my age start to drift away from the fandom, so I am here to give you girls (and GUYS!) some reasons to stay!

  • You get to keep your childhood a part of your current life
  • Your parents spent a lot of money for those dolls, the least you could do is enjoy them
  • You may have a lot of fun keeping your dolls, dressing them, etc.
  • You may have so much fun with your dolls, you can start blogs and YouTube's and even become famous! (Ex: http://dolldiaries.com , kittzykk on youtube, GirloftheYearStudios on YouTube and blogger)
  • You grew up with these dolls, these dolls are a part of your childhood and you should still love them no matter how big or small you are

In case any of my friends are planning on leaving the fandom:

  1. It doesn't matter what your friends say, if they can't respect that you like AG, that's their loss, not yours
  2. It DOES NOT matter what age you are. I am 14 years old and I still love my dolls to pieces
  3. If  you have no time, make time. Cut down on some of your time on the computer and social media!

If anyone of my friends does leave the fandom, its okay. It's not like you are being excommunicated from the fandom because you can always come back.

Hope this helped anyone who was considering or maybe did leave the fandom already! I hope you do continue to enjoy American Girl as long as I do!!

P.S Expect another Photoshoot to happen later this week ;)

*= names have been changed

∞ Live
♥ Love
☆American Girl



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