Our Dolls

Samantha Parkington~
Samantha was bought for the holidays in 2004. She was my sister's first doll. Sadly her Samantha was retired in Christmas of 2008. But she did manage to get her Christmas Party Dress and her Birthday Outfit before she retired :). She loves her very much.

Nellie O'Malley~
Nellie was also bought in the holidays of 2004. She was like Samantha retired at the end of 2008. She was my first doll and after that I became hooked. I have the doll, book, accessories, Spring outfit and holiday outfit. She is very beautiful.
Nellie after her hair treatment done by AGTLC

Kit Kitteredge~
Kit was bought for my sister in Spring of 2005. My sister only has her scooter outfit and her accessories. She is very cute and her hair is very easy to manage.

Molly McIntire~
Molly was bought for me in Sring of 2005. I have no outfits for her yet and I only have her acccessories. I still love to braid her hair into french twists. :)

Jess Akiko McConnel~
Jess is my sister's doll and she is my sister's second favorite doll. She only has the doll, book, and accessories. She was our first limited edition doll. She was girl of the year 2006.

Jess after her full hair and body treatment done by AGTLC

Emily Bennett~
Emily was bought for me in the holidays of 2006 just like Jess. I got her after she first came out. I only have her swimsuit and the doll and book.

 Chrissa Maxwell~
Chrissa was our first doll from QVC. We got her in summer 2009. Since she has no accessories I have the starter collection which includes doll, 2 books, swim practice outfit and her pajamas. She was my first limited edition doll

2 Bitty Twins~
Belong to my sister. Also bought from QVC. They came with two outfits each.

Kanani Akina~
Kanani was bought in May 2011. Purchased for sister. We have the doll book and accessories. We only have her Luau outfit.

Mia St. Clair~
bought for me in 2011 from amazon.com. She is my favorite doll ever! I got her at 182.00. I only have the doll and book but she is super cute!

Note: I will be adding more pictures