June 18, 2013

Balancing Our Way Through Life (LOL)

Hi AGFans!
 I am here to give y'all an interesting post, especially for the gymnasts/dancers/cheerleaders on my blog.
How many of you wish you could make a doll balance beam for your dolls (come on, I would, after all I am a gymnast myself!) Now you can! With this easy-to-make guide, you will have your doll balance beam in no time!

  • 5-6 sponges (the kind you normally wash dishes with)
  • Scissors
  • Duct Tape (one color, I will be doing a tutorial on a multi-colored balance beam as well:) 


  • Line the 5-6 sponges in a straight row (I left
  • Duct tape the middle of the sponges together so they all connect
  • Wrap duct tape around balance beam 

And your done! Sorry this took me so long to post as of Thursday I am a member of the eighth grade class of 2013. It's been a blast! I have a few more parties to get through and then posting will be back to normal!! I promise;)


Finished product: 

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