Personality with Pizzaz!

Name: Samatha Parkington
Fave Color: Cranberry Red
Fave Food:  are cranberry's acceptable?
Fave Drink: Pink Lemonade with a punch!
Birthday: May 26
Fave Sport: Field Hockey (if it's similar to crocquet, she loves it!!)
Fave Song:  I like how it feels~ Enrique Iglesias
When I was bought: Christmas 2004

Name: Nellie O'Malley
Fave Ice Cream: Moose Tracks (yummy!)
Fave Color: Sky Blue
Fave food: Yogurt Parfait with extra blueberries!
Fave Drink: Passion (fruit) tea
Birthday: October 15
Fave Sport: Track and Field
Fave Song: Set Fire to the Rain~ Adele
When I was bought: Christmas 2004

Name: Kit Kitteredge
Nickname: Kitty or Kit-Kat
Fave Color: Jade Green
Fave Food: Cincinatti Hot Dogs with a dash of ketchup
Fave Drink: Coca-Cola in the classic bottle
Birthday: May 19
Fave Sport: Baseball/ softball (natch!)
Fave Song: A Year Without Rain~ Selena Gomez
When I was bought: Spring 2005

Name: Molly McIntire
Best Friends: Kit and Nellie
Fave Color: Crimson
Fave Food: BLPotato sandwhich
Fave Drink: A nice cold glass of iced tea, yeah that sounds nice
Birthday: April 22
Fave Sport: Is tap dancing considered a sport?
Fave Song: Beautiful~ Christina Aguilera
When I was bought: Spring 2005

Name: Jess Akiko McConnel
Dream Place: Cancun, Mexico
Fave Color: Golden Yellow
Fave Food: A fresh mango off the tree
Fave Drink: Coconut Smoothie
Birthday: August 13
Fave Sport: Soccer
Fave Song: Enchanted~ Taylor Swift
When I was bought: Christmas 2006

Name: Emily Bennett
Bet You don't know: I actually would die to have blonde hair
Fave Color: Sapphire Blue
Fave Food: Watercress sandwhich
Fave Drink: A hot cup of tea
Birthday: September 29
Fave Sport: Ummmmmmmm....... Bobsledding???
Fave Song: Pearl~ Katy Perry
When I was bought: Christmas 2006

Name: Chrissa Maxwell
Fave Animal: Fish
Fave Color: lovely lavender
Fave Food: S'mores
Fave Drink: Hot Cocoa with caramel mixed in and jumbo mashmallows
Birthday: April 18
Fave Sport: Swimming Nuff said
Fave Song: Who's That Chick~ Rihanna and David Guetta
When I was bought: Summer 2009

Name: Kanani Akina
Fave Word: Aloha!
Fave Color: Sea Green mixed with light blue
Fave Food: Akina's Shave Ice in Rachel's Big Apple
Fave Drink: A tall glass of lemonade
Birthday: May 20
Fave Sports: Surfing and Paddleboarding
Fave Song: Party In the USA~ Miley Cyrus
When I was bought: Spring 2011

Name: Mia St. Clair
Fave Sport to watch: Basketball
Fave Color: Ice Blue
Fave Food: My Mom's pot roast Mmmmm....
Fave Drink: Gatorade in Glacier Freeze
Birthday: April 20
Fave Sport: Figure Skating
Fave Song: Last Friday Night~ Katy Perry
When I was bought: August 11 2011