December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone! I woke up to a lot of gifts, including two AG sized ;) I opened them up and here they were: 
Saige's Sweater Outfit 


Molly's Christmas Outfit 

I'm so happy, especially since Molly's outfit is no longer available! Turns out, my mom had ordered these behind my back, what a little sneak. 
Yesterday I went to NYC, and as part of every visit, I went to the AG place. Shockingly enough, Saige's display was still there, along with supposedly "retired" items. Her picnic set, her tunic outfit, her pajamas, her pajamas and slippers for girls, her sweater outfit, her meet outfit for girls, and her dog Remembrandt were all available. In terms of Molly's collection, her display was there, although it was completely empty, with the exception of her books. However, American Girl was nice enough to sell their remaining holiday outfits for Molly and Emily. Emily's were already gone, I had triple checked to see if there were any in the back. Molly's outfit was still there, however, I was not allowed to get it because my mom said no. (See above reason^) Molly's lunchbox was still there, but my sister was not going to let me get a $28 dollar set, which my dogs would probably chew. There was one pair of Emily's accessories, but I didn't want to get it because I wasn't a fan of her accessories and my mom didn't let me. ;) 
Well that's my update for tonight, hope all of you had a fantastic holiday! 

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