July 25, 2013

News of the Month **Please Read**

Hello AGFans!

Over the past few days, I have gone to some amazing craft stores, and have made some amazing crafts as well, suitable for girls and dolls! One of these fabulous crafts includes a chemistry set (inspired by the science lab set made by American Girl) And a photoshoot featuring Molly McIntire will be posted once my camera gets fixed! If you would like me to do a tutorial of it, feel free to comment down below!
I will be going to the American Girl Place in New York City hopefully in two weeks; while there, I will likely have a chance to send you pictures of the new AG goodies available. If you want detailed pictures of certain items, please comment down below!

How is everyone's summer? What are you doing?


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  1. Hey could you post the tutorial of the chemistry set? That would be SO cool.