March 9, 2013

Spring Break, Posting, Instagram, and MORE!

Are you excited for Spring Break?! I am!! I am wayy too excited since we get TWO WEEKS off! This is great, because then I can post more pictures and stuff!! I am planning on being in Mexico for about 5 days during the break, so I am not sure if I will be able to post or not. But the good news is that my swimming pool can be uncovered (YAYYYY) and I can put McKenna in some really pretty outfits for the Spring, and I am looking to debut Samantha in Caroline's Winter Coat before Spring, so it would be nice if we got a teensy bit of snow so I could take the picture and edit it!

Moving on, school has been really Really busy so that is why I have not been able to post a lot, otherwise I would have. I highly doubt I will be able to post at all the weekend of March 23, because on Friday I have a school dance that I have to go to that starts at seven pm and ends around 10. Then I can't post on Saturday either because that is when I have my advanced placement testing for Math, Science, and ILA (Language Arts). After that I have my Freshman Orientation for the rest of the day so I can meet the girls I will be going to school with. And on Sunday, I have a HUGE tennis tournament lasting all day, and I have play practice for the school musical (Beauty and the Beast, I'm Belle :D ) I will try and see if I can fit in posting during the week, but I can't really guarantee anything, sorry. I also run a roleplay blog, so I have been super busy with that as well:)

All I see today is INSTAGRAM, and it is driving me CRAZY! So, I have decided to make an Instagram myself, and I will posting edits of American Girl, Monster High, and other dolls! I already run two Instagrams (One personal, and one on Dance Moms edits) so I am really familiar with editing and stuff like that. If you have an Instagram, let me know, and I will follow you! Also, if you would like posting advice and editing tips, download the KIK MESSENGER app and I'll teach you!! (KIK= ldsportgirlluv)

And Last but not least... MY BIRTHDAY!! So my birthday is a month away and I am really excited! I really don't have anything down for my American Girl wishlist, but I will probably post my wishlist on here in three weeks, maybe less. Sadly, we don't have Spring Break the week of my birthday, so I'm really upset about that :(  But on a bright note, it's my Birthday!! Haha:)

If you guys have any suggestions on what you think I should post about next, why not leave a comment below? I'm always open for suggestions! I'm currently thinking of a doll review, what do you think?


P.S.-  Here is a cute bunny that you can think about for the rest of your week:) 

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