December 12, 2012

12/12/12 12:12

Hi AGFans!!
First off, happy 12/12/12!! This will be the last time my generation will see the digits like this... so basically all of the class of 2013 when down to the gym for a party when the digits hit 12:12:12. And one of the first or second graders had his birthday that day, so that was good!! When the digits hit 12:12:12 all of us started screaming and people started taking pics of the Class of 2013, quite a lucky class if you ask me;) Also, afterwards we had a celebration with dozens of everything!! Gatorade, Donuts, Munchkins, Capri Sun, Cookies, etc. It was really fun, I hope you enjoyed your 12:12:12 as much as I did! The best part was hanging out with my friends!!


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